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Home Furniture 2018: Wireless lamps for Indoor & Outdoor


Wireless lamps – Once they were only emergency lights or camping lights: today-rechargeable wireless lamp-shave infected designers and brands of high level, offering models that have nothing to envy to traditional ones.

Elegant, cordless luminaires , to be placed anywhere, both indoors and outdoors, have a range varying from 4 to over 8 hours: enough for a bright evening in any context. Also, why not, as original centerpieces on festive occasions or celebrations.

Wireless lamps furniture ideas

Rechargeable, cordless, table-top but even suspended, today battery lights are available both indoors and outdoors. But always without the constraint of electric cables

1#1 Giravolta

Giravolta, designed by Alberto Basaglia Natalia Rota Nodari for Pedrali. Inspired by the lanterns of the past, it is a rechargeable wireless lamp, suitable for outdoor use.

An arch in extruded aluminum, painted, wraps the two discs in plastic material – the base and the LED diffuser that rotates 360 degrees and directs the light – and becomes a comfortable handle. The luminaire encloses the LED board, the lithium battery, the micro USB socket for charging and the power button.

As an option, a magnet in the base to fix the lamp on metal tops, even on the wall. Available in three heights: cm 33, 50 and 13.