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John Gorrie: Who invented air conditioner


Gedigs.com – AC (Air Conditioner) / definition is a machine designed with the aim to stabilize air temperature in a room. AC is widely used in homes and offices.

Regarding the AC history, Since ancient times in medieval times both roman and Persian have been using the technique of cooling the room.

The way is by accommodating the water that flows into the wall so that it can cool the room but it requires a large enough cost to build it.

In addition, the building model will become unusual so that when it is only nobles or kings who can build it.

AC development History (Air Conditioner)

Along with the rapid development science on 18th century, Michael Faraday inventor of electricity began to find a way to cool the air temperature by using ammonia gas.

Then in 1842, an American scientist named John Gorrie began doing research on Air Conditioner.

John Gorrie is known to be a doctor and also a scientist. Starting from the many patients John Gorrie who suffered malaria accompanied by symptoms of high fever. Hot room temperature makes the patient more uncomfortable.

In addition, there is a theory that bad air condition will cause disease so he then do business to cool the room by storing chunks of ice in the basin.

Then hanging on the ceiling after that he then used the fan so that the ice from the chunk of this basin can spread and managed to cool the patient room.

But the way it felt less effective by John Gorrie because the ice chips quickly melt and also the ice chunk was taken by boat in a place far in the northern lake, so he then thought to make artificial ice.

Discovery Air Conditioner by John Gorrie

in 1845, John Gorrie then stopped doing medical practice and then began to concentrate on the project of making air conditioners. For six years, he kept trying to design and make cooling machines.

In 1851, John Gorrie then succeeded in making the first ice machine which later became the forerunner of AC or Air Conditioner.

Machine made by John Gorrie is patented with the number 8080 patent. Then he then tried to mass produce the machine findings. But because of his poor condition, he then tried to raise money.

Yet because of his many criticisms besides his poor financial condition and declining health, John Gorrie eventually died in 1855 in his exile so his invention machine failed to develop.

The findings were further developed by Willis Carrier who came to be known as the inventor of the Air Conditioner modern in 1902.