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Teenage room: See the true interior design concept + 27 Photos

Teenage room > Teenage room furniture > room design ideas

Children grow very quickly, you will not have time to look back and now the mischievous tomboy has become an independent teenager who rebels against the rules established by the adult world.

Therefore, the interior of the teen room should be thought through with particular care. After all, it is design, color, and decoration that will help to show its new character, tastes, and hobbies.

Teenage room > Teenage room furniture > room design ideas

Main Areas

While engaged in the conversion of a teenage room, all reminders of childhood should be removed from it. Wallpapers with funny drawings, funny curtains, even soft toys are best sent to a landfill.

When creating a completely new interior for a teenager it is worth to listen to the wishes of the owner, but, of course, one should not readily embody all his insane ideas.

It is better to immediately come to a common opinion, in order to avoid further misunderstandings. Planning an updated design, you must remember that in the room must be present special details of the situation.

The teenage room should be divided into special zones. This will help make finding it comfortable, cozy and practical in any circumstances. Must be:

– Rest zone
– Work zone
– Storage space

Teenage room > Teenage room furniture > room design ideas

Particular attention when creating an interior should be given to the first zone, which implies the availability of a comfortable bed, where you can sleep, relax, read a book, talk on the phone, work on a laptop.

According to experts, it is better to equip a teenager’s room with a bed with an orthopedic mattress. After all, the baby’s body is still growing, which means that it needs a proper bed.

On the other hand, the bed can easily be replaced by a folding sofa. At night it will be a place to sleep, and in the afternoon for socializing and short-term rest. The main thing is that it is sufficiently elastic.

Teenage room > Teenage room furniture > room design ideas

Work Area Design

The next step in the design of the teen room is the work area. There must necessarily be a table with a comfortable chair, shelves for books, CDs, a place for a computer and other equipment. Certainly, you need to take care of sufficient light.

Separately, you need to think about a place to store things. Ideally, a room for a teenager should have a dressing room, however, in practice, this does not always work. It can easily replace a roomy closet, where you can add clothes, household items, and accessories.

In the room for teenage girls, there should be a dressing table, a mirror, a shelf for storing cosmetics or a miniature chest of drawers. For all things related to hobbies, you will certainly need a rack with numerous shelves.

Teenage room > Teenage room furniture > room design ideas

A well-thought-out storage system will help the child become more organized, besides, teenagers rarely attach importance to things and love to throw them anywhere. But in the presence of a convenient cabinet and rack, this problem is solved.

The main mistake of parents

Many parents, coming up with the design of a grown-up child’s room, admit one, but a very gross mistake. They want to do everything according to their own taste and, from the point of view of an experienced adult, completely disregarding what the son or daughter really wants.

This brings up the character is not the most pleasant qualities, besides, the ready interior design deprives the teenager of the opportunity to express his own opinion and develop a really good taste.

Because of only a few years worth resigning to the fact that the room for a teenager will resemble an enchanting spectacle, consisting of posters, strange objects and an absolute mixture of styles. By the way, the child can be offered to decorate the room in the fashionable kitchen style today, which quite admits such an incredible combination.

Teenage room > Teenage room furniture > room design ideas

Style Selection

As for stylistic trends, the design of the room can be chosen depending on various factors. First of all, these are the personal preferences of the child, fully agreed with the parents.

Teenage room > Teenage room furniture > room design ideas

The financial aspect of the issue is not the last factor. After all, some styles can be costly, then you can offer the child to do something with their own hands to ask the room the right topic.

The easiest way to create an interior design, taking into account the main hobby or occupation of a teenager.

For athletes and researchers

For example, athletes like the room, decorated in the style of high-tech, loft or avant-garde. These thematic areas perfectly accept awards, medals, flags, attributes of favorite teams, sports accessories and other things that are of great importance for the grown-up child.

Teenage room > Teenage room furniture > room design ideas

Teenagers who are interested in oriental cultures, spiritual practices or historical researchers at such a young age will be perfectly suited to interior design in the style of ethnic-cultures. It can be Japanese or any Eastern, Egyptian, African, country or country style.

Teenage room > Teenage room furniture > room design ideas

All these directions perfectly combine both store and décor made my own hands. In addition, the independent production of decorative elements will help develop creative abilities, imagination, a sense of beauty and other useful qualities.

For technicians and romantics

Young computer scientists and technicians will appreciate constructivism, high-tech or avant-garde. In such areas, it’s easiest to write the most advanced technology, electronic gadgets, all kinds of devices. In addition, the created conditions will give an excellent motivation for the further development of technical abilities.

In a room decorated with kitsch, the avant-garde and the loft most pleasantly feel romantic nature with artistic inclinations or enthusiastic music. These styles better than others contribute to pleasant dreams, writing, reading, listening to music.

Teenage room > Teenage room furniture > room design ideas

But lovers of travel will be more interested in ethnic and marine themes, safari styles, country and other areas related to distant countries. In addition, often in such matters, the decisive role is played only by color and some elements of decor.

Teenage room > Teenage room furniture > room design ideas

Of course, to bring all the possible options that will make it possible to design the interior is impossible. However, the non-trivial ideas that the Internet offers, fashion magazines and other available sources will always help. And of course, you need to connect imagination and fantasy.

Color in the design

Another important factor in a room for a teenager is color. And it is worthwhile to prepare, that the child will choose the most poisonous. And let it be considered that a black or fiery red color is not quite appropriate on the premises where children live, a little insanity does not interfere. Especially if the presence of bright colors provides for design.

Teenage room > Teenage room furniture > room design ideas

Of course, this does not mean that you have to paint all the walls in black, red or blue, but a few bright details will refresh the interior, make it different. If to speak more seriously, in a teen room it is more appropriate to use less aggressive tones.

Good fit gray, blue, pale brown, blue, purple and green, as well as all shades of pastel tones. The modern design emphasizes orange and lemon, classic with minimalism cannot be imagined without the traditional black and white combination, safari can be decorated in brown, and a cozy atmosphere will provide a deep burgundy color.

Teenage room > Teenage room furniture > room design ideas

In fact, it does not matter which color to choose for the interior, you can always find dozens of ways to soften the excessive brightness or, on the contrary, to refresh the pallor.

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