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How to Build a Gambrel Roof with Easy steps

gambrel roof house
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A gambrel roof comes highly recommended especially if your intention is to create more storage space for your possessions. This type of roof is characterized by its arch shape which is guaranteed to create more room in your house for you to store your goods. That said; here are the steps that one should follow to build this type of roof.

1. Layout and construction of the trusses. – We can also refer to this as the planning stage where you determine the number of trusses that would need based on the dimensions of your house. You also get to determine how tall your gambrel roof gets to be. Keep in mind that the upper section of the roof should have a 30 degree angle while the lower sections should have a 60 degree angle. This is meant to stabilize the roof.

2. Once you’ve settled on the number of trusses you need, you can make a choice to either buy them or make them yourselves.

If you decide to do it yourself then ensure that you obtain the right type of wood for construction. 2” by 6” timber works very well and can easily be obtained at any store. Choose a level ground to work on and use stakes to hold the timber firmly while you prepare it (assuming you’re using unshaped wood).

The spacing between trusses should be 16”. A piece of chalk or a marker can come in very handy when marking points to saw off unshaped raw wood. The size to be cut off depends on the size of gambrel roof that you’re constructing.

3. Assembling the trusses. – Once all the trusses have been prepared, use penny nails to attach braces to the trusses joints. Wood braces are one the major building blocks in houses.

These braces are used with penny nails to hold the trusses at an angle of 60 degrees from the base of the lower roof. It is advisable that you purchase these straight from the shop instead of making them yourself as they play a very big role in determining the final outcome & strength of your gambrel roof. You can further use strap metal to add reinforcement to the joints.

Finally complete the assembling process by inserting “2 by 6” boards between the braces you’ve used. This serves as a stiffener. You now have a roof framework of firmly etched trusses.

4. Hoist the framework carefully and lower it gently to your lower roof. The framework is heavy, no doubt, so feel free to get some help. Use a temporary brace to secure the trusses to your lower roof and then proceed to build your roof.

For roof sheathing use three quarters inch of plywood and then secure them firmly. Increase the thickness if you live in areas that are affected by heavy snow storms.

5. Finally, add a water proof layer to your gambrel roof. You can choose to add a shining or use any other type of material that pleases you. Also, you have the freedom to include a window into your structure. This is highly recommended for fresh air.