gambrel roof calculator

Gambrel roofs are very unique designs of barns, sheds or any outbuildings. The two sides of the gambrel roof meet at the center forming a raised ridge.

The roofs are designed such that each side is split into two horizontal parts with different gradients. Mostly, the upper portion has a smaller pitch to increase the area for the upper floors while the lower portion of the roof has a steeper gradient to avoid accumulation of snow and rain.

The gambrel roof calculator is used to get accurate measurements of the roof during the design, construction, installation and repair. Therefore, care must be taken to avoid mistakes.

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The gambrel roof calculators are programmed calculators established specifically to perform this function. Therefore, the calculators have functions that will facilitate an easier calculation of the required data. I am going to show you on how to calculate the dimensions of a gambrel roof using the calculator.

The measurements are very crucial especially if you want to put a gambrel roof on your house or if you want to determine the amount of space the roof will occupy. The best way to do this is to take dimensions during the design of the house.

  1. you have to determine the length of the roof
  2. Then determine the horizontal width and vertical height of one side of the upper portion of the roof. There is no need of taking both sides because they are symmetrical.
  3. Next, divide the height of the roof by the width of the upper portion of the roof
  4. Find the pitch angle of the upper part of the roof in degrees; use the tangent function on the calculator
  5. Square the height and width of the roof and get their summation
  6. Find the square root of the value you obtain. This is the flat width of the upper roof
  7. Multiply this width with the length of the roof so as to find the total area of the upper roof
  8. Repeat the whole process for the lower portion of the roof to get its total area

You should also be careful because some gambrel roof calculators can easily switch from degrees to radians. So ensure that the calculator is set to degrees. With these measurements and knowing how mu space the roof will occupy, you as the owner of the house can determine the approximate value of the materials that will be used and thus the roof’s cost.

Basically, I know two types of gambrels namely regular gambrels and custom gambrels. A regular gambrel is designed in such a way that it must fit in a semi-circumscribed circle while a custom gambrel is free from this constraint.

When designing a gambrel roof, you should consider the following:

The four angles of the roof should sum up to 180 degrees

Maintain lower pitches; extreme pitches will mean that the roof will have to go too high

The width of the gambrel should be twice its height. This will maintain a symmetrical appearance and make the building more stable.

Therefore, make sure that the gambrel roof calculator is in proper setting for appropriate calculation of your gambrel roof design.